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Links to Recommended Websites
These websites provided additional information about the Messianic movement and more teaching.

Messianic Ministry Websites
  • Messianic Israel Alliance
    MIA is an alliance of Messianic congregations and ministries dedicated to proclaiming Yeshua as Messiah and connecting believers to their lost Hebrew/Israelite heritage, strengthening their faith and leading them to participate in the covenant God made with His people. MIA provides fellowship and shepherding and builds and supports congregations, fellowships, and leaders throughout the world. We encourage you to join and support this alliance.
  • Tree of Life Ministries
    Halleluyah Ministries is also allied with Tree of Life Ministries. This website features the teaching and resources of Mordecai Silver, Mark Ensign, and Ardelle Brody.
  • First Fruits of Zion
    This great ministry was one of the first influential Messianic ministries in the USA, and offers many valuable resources, including excellent, balanced teaching by Boaz Michael, Daniel Lancaster, and others. Their Torah Club commentaries are outstanding.
  • TorahResource.com
    The excellent teaching and resources of Tim Hegg.
  • TNN Online
    Another excellent Messianic website, one of our favorites for good teaching and articles by John McKee and Mark Huey.
  • Restoration of Torah
    The website of Torah teacher Tony Robinson.
  • Tallit Ministries
    The website of Messianic Rabbi Earl Walters, formerly of Mayim Hayim Beit Midrash. Rabbi Walters offers an assortment of good articles and teaching on his site.
  • Mayim Hayim Beit Midrash
    The home page of Mayim Hayim Beit Midrash Messianic Synagogue in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the ministry that was begun by Messianic Rabbi Earl Walters and his wife Lenora. This is the ministry that brought Jim and Connie King into the Messianic movement in 2004. Though Earl and Lenora are no longer there, we still sometimes participate together in special events.